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Android P version | What is Android P

Android P version

Android P version Download, release date, and full features
New version

Hello friends,
Today I have a big information about the new software called Android P.  Yes it is true that this P version launched on March. I have some information about this version so let’s start.

What is Android P

Android P is next version of Android. Android P is a type of software. It is the latest version of new Android smartphone. It is basically designed for new smartphone  which have capability to manage high softwares. This is the latest technology with make your phone is better and faster than Android. This have many features which make your mobile like a real smartphone.

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Smartphone which support Android P

Have a big news that this version is not supportable and downloadable for all smartphones. Only few smartphones which have capability to support. And works on this version because Android P is the new version and the capabilities of supportable high softwares having only in new smartphone. Smartphone which support  the smartphone likes Google pixel, Google pixel 2,Google pixel XL, Google pixel 2 XL.

But in future it is capable for all mobiles.Smartphone and also in many other.


Android P version Download, release date, and full features
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Android P release date

Google is the first developer preview of Android P in early March 2018. We expect that beta updates to hit every few months until the final version lands in August 2018, a year after Android Oreo landed.

Of course, it will be available first for the Google phones listed above, but it will also likely make its retail debut in the Google Pixel 3 nearing the year’s end.

Android P version Download, release date, and full features
Android P


Impression of Android P

In present day, this android version is trending topic of every country which work on Android. We know that Android the fastest version for smartphone. But now this is the updated version of Android. It is better, faster and smarter than Android in some days. Android will launched on March.

Android P version Download, release date, and full features
Latest android version



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